Adjaua Headquarters
Adjaua Headquarters
The whole village of the headquarters
The map of Bilaotipledio Arc
Vital statistics
Type Adjauanese
Level Episode 9
Location Middle Forest
Inhabitants Founders

Sylverio D. Adjaua (father)
Mal C. Adjaua (mother)

Adjaua Headquarters is for the home of Adjaua Legends and his family to be hideout. They are stuck to depart to the homeland they want to find the Mante's Crest but it was lost to Gustin Legends and currently owned to Mante Legends. In their inside of the house is the files who want to become Adjaua to their last name. Also their some files about the truth why Pala Iot Legends suicide and this is the hottest topic on the history.


The Adjaua family was created by their father Sylverio D. Adjaua and their mother Mal C. Adjaua. The family has more than five hundred members but the real adjaua has thirty members most of them John Rey C. Adjaua is the only one who create his own legends without the parent's seeking approval. The people who discovered and accepted will become Adjaua to change their last name from their original surname to new surname "Adjaua" that's why no relatives were consider of it.


Long time ago, Steve Legends wanted to become Adjaua family because his parents were abolished, also they are now bestfriend's brother with John Rey. Another visitor who was gifted from heaven is none other than and the only world is Mante Legends which he just only park to that building. Adjaua Legends find him how he was doing there, he also add to become Adjaua but Mante Legends reject so Adjaua Legends hide him down but Mante Legends cannot do by himself however.


In Episode 8, Mante Legends orders Adjaua Legends to find some many documents as he wants because Mante Legends need that file about the betrayal of the Pala Iot Legends and the people who involves about that case. But Adjaua Legends find something is only betrayal and revival report which means it is very important.

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