Bishop Hat2
Bishop's Hat
Bishop Hat
Bishop's Hat on First Impression Pieces
Vital statistics
Title Bishop
Clan Immolation
Created September 12, 2012
Gender Female
Power Pierce Telepathy
Faction Pack First Impression Pieces
Moves Diagonal Line
Element Offensive
Legends Steve Legends
Arc Bilaotipledio Arc
Episode Episode 1
Level Level 3 - Amateur Pieces
Kills 43
King Slays 4
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Tier Rank
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Bilaotipledio Results 6th place
Skill Strategy
Pierce Telepathy
Chessmaster's Topic

Bishop Hat also called as Bishop's Hat is the excellent pieces of the Bishop Race. It was names afrer on the bishops on 100% rate which means she was too dangerous pieces for the higher arc. This bishop can sacrifices one opponent in way of diagonal to piercing the opponent, she also takes damage against enemy queen if she counter it.


Attack Rate
Defensive Rate
Speed Rate
Race Rate
Pierce Telepathy

Bishop Hat ability is Pierce Telepathy that can pierce enemies who was in her way by sacrificing one opponent pieces in 1 tile away on all directions including her own ally near her except the king. Bishop should be frequent on traps when the opponent advance moving to your fortress while your pieces retreat to your fortress as defense. You can fall back all pieces except Bishop Hat because you must believe her skills. After she reaches the fortress it's time to crack their offenses to regained your fortress and attack again. Don't worry Bishop's Hat is lifesaver.


In September 2012: She was ranked 10th place because of her fighting skills piercing through opponent, nice move of diagonal could clean opponents into direction you wanted but why her rank is C and it such a beautiful pieces from gameplays but her power was not used or having no kills.

In October 2012: She was ranked 6th place in Kills also ranked 6th place in Experience. Her fighting skills reaches level 3 and she now rises the rank by 6 of both kills and experiences. In the last five training mode she's having great kills in the game, very good probability to destroy opponent king, high checkmate rate and perfect assist.




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