Blaze of Move
Chessmaster's Topic
Vital statistics
User Blasphemy
Debut Episode 3
Definition Piercing L-knight variation
Against Opponents on the chosen way
Weakness Check and Trap

Blaze is one of the fine pieces to crash his foe when moving and ignoring shields in anytime however the only to stop him is making a trap so that he will be stopped by them with their hardwork.


  1. Prevent the traps because you are very major in your skill.
  2. Killing allies is sustained for good as scoring himself to raise in the tier.
  3. Try use this skill to Electrocute Marks trying to resist the power however do not move in a bit.
  4. The skills of Genome Spiral, Icy Maelstrom, Phantasm Tower and Moonlighting Silencer are hard to defeat.