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    Is the first chapter created by User:Jayvdale and it is making details about the Introduction of Chess Legends and Hellsex Wiki.

    • Chessmaster (debut)
    • Steve Legends (debut)

    Once upon a time there is the country was created by god. In over year 0 Chessmaster was born and died in Year 120. He returns on 1800 years later he was reincarnated on the 20th century and 3rd decade to creating the pieces. In the age of 20 he make them magical pieces and scatter to the whole world. The chessmaster is making his party in his middle age to continue up of his work until the dark encounters. There's the person who really interested in the party it was made by seventh person who want to take Chessmaster's life. He decided to battle him in chess without magic p…

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    Legends Biography

    November 25, 2012 by Jayvdale

    This is the whole story about all pieces character that involves on First Impression Pieces.

    1. Angel Robe
    2. Banner
    3. Beard Wave
    4. Bishop's Hat
    5. Blasphemy
    6. Breath Waterfall
    7. Condor
    8. Despair
    9. Dressless
    10. Electric Claw
    11. Genome Spiral
    12. Hattori
    13. Horn
    14. Icy Maelstorm
    15. Illusion
    16. Intercourse Mountain
    17. Judge
    18. Legend
    19. Mallet Playground
    20. Moonlighting Silencer
    21. Nine Knight
    22. Phantasm Tower
    23. Phoenix D
    24. Reload
    25. Sling Boomerang
    26. Snake Insect
    27. Sword Tip
    28. Thrust Shock
    29. Tree
    30. Worm Castle

    1. Anchor Ghoul
    2. Chainmail
    3. Dead End
    4. Elf Visor
    5. Emitter Eyes Ether
    6. Far Freedom
    7. Inmate Smirk
    8. Kinetic Warrior
    9. Kris
    10. Lone
    11. Melancholy
    12. Obelisk
    13. Rhapsody
    14. Root Wounds
    15. Self-Speecher
    16. Specter
    17. Spore
    18. Tesla
    19. Trident Flower
    20. Turtle Freedom
    21. Wall Blast
    22. Walrus Scissor
    23. Wind Stun
    24. Zap
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    October 1, 2012 by Jayvdale

    Jayvees Dale A. Mante (called as Jayvees) was born on November 3, 1994. He was the son of Joel S. Mante and Norma A. Mante. His father works as principal of Babag Elementary School and college teacher of Bukidnon State University. His mother also the OFW in Canada eight years ago. He was raise on Golden Plains Subdivision. He was enrolled, studied and graduated in Agape Christian Academy. He was the special child because he talks to himself. Jayvees was study in Assumption Academy of Monkayo for four years and graduated. He was also honor student of some thoughts. And now he was in college is Bukidnon State University studying course is Bachelor of Science and Business Administration. He has many friends for now.

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