Empire Chess Mode is the strategy that will declared our troops is divided into sixteen groups. How do you accept that offer?

Pala Iot Legends

This is the full view between their wars on the game in every episode. This only shown that there was no powerful pieces.

Episode 5: Mante Legends' troops (300) vs. Pala Iot Legends' troops (300)Edit

Solid whitea b c d e f g h Solid white
8black rookChess d45.svgblack kingChess d45.svgChess l45.svgblack bishopChess l45.svgblack rook8
7Chess d45.svgChess l45.svg30pxChess l45.svgChess d45.svgblack pawnblack pawnblack pawn7
6Chess l45.svgChess d45.svgblack bishopwhite pawnChess l45.svgChess d45.svgChess l45.svgblack knight6
5white pawnblack knightChess d45.svgChess l45.svgChess d45.svgChess l45.svgChess d45.svgChess l45.svg5
4Chess l45.svgblack queenChess l45.svgChess d45.svgChess l45.svgwhite pawnblack pawnChess d45.svg4
3Chess d45.svgChess l45.svgChess d45.svgChess l45.svgChess d45.svgChess l45.svgwhite pawnChess l45.svg3
2white pawnwhite pawnwhite pawnChess d45.svgChess l45.svgChess d45.svgChess l45.svgwhite pawn2
1Chess d45.svgChess l45.svgwhite kingwhite rookwhite rookChess l45.svgwhite knightChess l45.svg1
Solid whitea b c d e f g h Solid white
Mante Legends' troops is used to be 300 of them and for Pala Iot Legends bandits were also revealed to be 300. Meanwhile the fights are impressive too much condensed that Mante Legends does intent to win the game. And the result will be Mante Legends' win exactly fifty-three moves.

The team divide themselves into 18 people each of them it is the same for other team.

List of MovementEdit

1. White: Pd7-d5
2. Black: Pd2-d4
3. White: Pe7-e5
4. Black: Pe2-e4
5. White: Pe5-d4
6. Black: Pe4-d5
7. White: Qd8-e7
8. Black: Qd1-e2
9. White: Bc8-e6
10. Black: Kng1-h3
11. White: Pf7-f6
12. Black: Pc2-c3
13. White: Pg7-g6
14. Black: Knb1-d2
15. White: Knb8-a6
16. Black: Pb2-b3
17. White: Pc7-c6
18. Black: Knd2-f3
19. White: e8-a8
20. Black: Knf3-d2
21. White: Kng8-h6
22. Black: Pa2-a3
23. White: Kna6-b4
24. Black: Pc3-c4
25. White: Pc6-d5
26. Black: Pc4-d5
27. White: Be6-d5
28. Black: Pa3-a4
29. White: Qe7-d6
30. Black: Qe2-d3
31. White: Pf6-f5
32. Black: Ke1-d1
33. White: Qd6-c5
34. Black: Qd3-e2
35. White: Bd5-b3
36. Black: Knd2-b3
37. White: Bf8-g7
38. Black: Bc1-d2
39. White: Qc5-d5
40. Black: Kd1-e1
41. White: Rh8-e8
42. Black: Ke1-d1
43. White: Bg7-f6
44. Black: Pf2-f4
45. White: Bf6-g5
46. Black: Pf4-g5
47. White: Knh6-g8
48. Black: Qe2-b5
49. White: Qd5-b3
50. Black: Kd1-c1
51. White: Pd4-d3
52. Black: Bd2-c3
53. White: Qb3-c2 (checkmate)

Episode 23: Prisoners of the Pirate (1000) vs. Supremo Legends' Demon Army (6000)Edit

Solid whitea b c d e f g h Solid white
8black rookChess d45.svgChess l45.svgblack queenblack kingChess d45.svgChess l45.svgblack rook8
7black pawnblack pawnChess d45.svgChess l45.svgChess d45.svgwhite queenChess d45.svgblack pawn7
6black bishopChess d45.svgblack pawnblack pawnChess l45.svgwhite pawnChess l45.svgblack bishop6
5Chess d45.svgChess l45.svgChess d45.svgChess l45.svgwhite pawnChess l45.svgwhite knightChess l45.svg5
4Chess l45.svgChess d45.svgChess l45.svgChess d45.svgChess l45.svgChess d45.svgChess l45.svgChess d45.svg4
3Chess d45.svgwhite pawnwhite knightChess l45.svgChess d45.svgChess l45.svgChess d45.svgChess l45.svg3
2white pawnChess d45.svgwhite pawnChess d45.svgChess l45.svgwhite pawnwhite pawnwhite pawn2
1white rookChess l45.svgwhite bishopChess l45.svgChess d45.svgwhite rookwhite kingChess l45.svg1
Solid whitea b c d e f g h Solid white
Nortis Legends is now leading the command of these prisoners recently owned by Jericho and pass it to Arances Legends, then it pass it to Nortis Legends to help them, he instruct them if those who survive there will be freedom. In this 63 out of 1000 people who have died in the battle in response of them. Nortis Legends win the game and kills Supremo Legends.

The team divides themselves in 63 while for them must be 375 each of them. If Nortis Legends wins the game all of the armies of Supremo Legends is dead and fades.

List of MovementEdit

1. White: Kng8-f6
2. Black: Kng1-f3
3. White: Knb8-c6
4. Black: Knb1-c3
5. White: Pe7-e6
6. Black: Pe2-e3
7. White: Pd7-d5
8. Black: Pd2-d3
9. White: Pb7-b6
10. Black: Pg2-g4
11. White: Knf6-g4
12. Black: Pe3-e4
13. White: Bf8-c5
14. Black: Bc1-e3
15. White: Pd5-e4
16. Black: Be3-c5
17. White: Pe4-f3
18. Black: Bf1-h3
19. White: Pe6-e5
20. Black: Knc3-d5
21. White: Pe5-e4
22. Black: Bc5-e7
23. White: Qd8-d5
24. Black: Be7-a3
25. White: Qd5-d4
26. Black: Pc2-c3
27. White: Qd4-f2 (checkmate)