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Color SummaryEdit

# Color Name Meaning
Hellsex Red Red
  • You can capture opponent in this square by attacking.
  • You can move in the required square and destroying the range.
  • The opponent assist the tile.
  • If you're pieces is dead the power is still to destroy enemies by one (more by chance).
Hellsex Yellow Yellow
  • You can move in this square while if this <pieces character> dies.
  • The commanded pieces will move here (Illusion is possible).
  • This pieces can learning new moves after evolving. (All Moves)
  • You need to push an opponent using evolving skill.
Hellsex Blue Blue
  • You can destroy in this square by using magical power (like pulverized, slammed, waved and quaked).
Hellsex Orange Orange

You can sacrifice ally or opponent. (e.g. Immolation)

You can swarming the tile, if you move this effect will decrease one. (e.g. Phantasm Tower.

Hellsex Green Green
  • You can move in this square by after killing one or more opponent. It also pass or penetrate.
Hellsex Violet Purple
  • You can trap the opponent in this square. (e.g. Paralyze)
  • If you have been trapped by the opponent, you can also miss him
  • If you have been trapped by the opponent, you can attack and counter him.
  • Virus spreads through tiles that may caused death or captured.
Hellsex Brown Brown You can protect allies or yourself in this square. Plus you can command <name of pieces> to move, kill and check.
Hellsex White White The opponent will never movng in this square (such as Tile Cutter, Tile Stun, e.g.).
Hellsex Pink Pink
  • The opponent can't substitute summon a pieces in this square.
  • The opponent was used by you in the battle.
Hellsex Gray Gray This square will use as defense summon.