Battle Positions are determine to the attacker's profile by the three positions are offensive, defensive, and supportive position.


Main article: Category:Offensive

Offensive are attackers this pieces are power of being destroyer it is shown to destroy more opponents in a row that will also rise up in their rank.

  1. Angel Robe
  2. Bishop's Hat
  3. Blasphemy
  4. Horn
  5. Sling Boomerang


Main article: Category:Defensive Defensive are defenders this pieces are power of being protector it is shown to defend someone very hard to prevent its blunder.
  1. Angel Robe
  2. Banner
  3. Intercourse Mountain
  4. Tree


Main article: Category:Supportive
  1. Banner
  2. Worm Castle
  3. Illusion
  4. Reload

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