Empire Chess is the data system that allows to measure your army strength in the game. It is also the power of their leader to summon and command the army to destroy the opponent base. And also it was used for the raids, mine wars and subjugation. It was featured on Bandit Camp the first season for the early concept.

Mr. Pala Iot, why we should let our troops to fight free by using this strategy.

Mante Legends, Episode 5

Empire Chess Mode is the strategy that will declared our troops is divided into sixteen groups. How do you accept that offer?

Pala Iot Legends, Episode 5


In Empire Chess this is the rule who created before the creation of this series is mid-august 2012. I found out that many people who are exciting to play the chess game to save the world fiction. The magical pieces and pawn spawn are not allowed in the game and also divide the total army for balancing purpose. There are all the list was founded by the Chess Empire Trial to show the history of the works of Empire Chess.


Empire Chess allows you to count the bunch of suprised army of 160+ and divided to the sixteen groups, the ranks must be six at maximum, some groups are very important and eyewitness is counted as king group. The most powerful army provides as queen group. If you summoned priest, archer, horse archer is hired for the bishop group. If you are good in melee like cavaliers, and paladins only is very good and add it to the knight group. If you have balista and catapult in your army must be add to the rook army. If the melee fighters but without experience in horse riding is place to the pawn. Empire Chess do not create the powerful pieces that place it to the official to gain power.


In the chess game we have many strategy learn from the chinese history and roman history. However Spanish history ignores the game of chess. But in the year 1920 the chess was reborn with chessmaster that revealed after World War II. In the magic chess Mante Legends represents his own three hundreds troops against the same of three hundred bandit troops. Until the new generations, the chess empire is still active until now.