Mentalist Posession
Season Bilaotipledio Arc, Episode 4/12
Date October 21, 2012 - October 31, 2012
Player of White Steve Legends

Nortis Legends

Player of Black Nortis Legends

Jayvees Legends

Story First Impression Pieces
Characters Mante Legends
Steve Legends
Kuan Legends
Myosotis Legends
Nortis Legends
Pieces Angel Robe
Bishop Hat
Intercourse Mountain
Mallet Playground
Nine Knight
Sling Boomerang
Snake Insect
Worm Castle
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The fourth episode it involves about the Steve Legends evasion and the fall of Nortis Legends. Nortis Legends snucks to the wagon and to apprehend Steve Legends. So Jayvees Legends is going to move slowly forward until Nortis Legends is spotted.


  • The first appearance of Nortis Legends.
  • The Bandits of Pala Iot has been explored.
  • Reload and Sling Boomerang are introduced.
  • Nortis Legends and the last two people defeated by Mante Legends joins the fray as teammate.
  • Jayvees Legends change his name into Mante Legends.


Nortis Legends is now retreating to base, elsewhere Steve Legends pull a trigger and make him battle the game. As well Mante Legends is worried about Steve Legends using Myosotis Legends' kart as their only transportation to the base, still Myosotis Legends is a driver and she decided to join the fray. Nortis Legends is very risky of his possession of fighting against the immolation shrouded the echo.

Game 1Edit

In the beginning of the game Steve Legends make his first move to escape against Nortis Legends starting his counterfeit plan. The field was in plateau means the four of them was in plains.

Start GameEdit

Steve Legends is making an offensive move towards Nortis Legends. He show the tactics to the wrong move quietly the option of Nortis Legends is very risky over crowded. Nortis Legends revealed to be controlling evasive pieces.

Middle GameEdit

Nortis Legends revealed to be trapped in the game because Steve Legends make his Blasphemy, Bishop's Hat or Judge evolved in the game and end the game however Nortis Legends think harder and found the holes of Steve Legends pieces awaiting escape plot.

End GameEdit

Nortis Legends must win but Steve Legends take a chance to use final blow on him that will make him escapes and rendezvous to Mante Legends to the plains and Mante Legends will end Nortis Legends to the battle using his new four pieces or his pieces that he decided the fate.

Game 2Edit

Baseball Heroes This article contains information about This Episode if you're lost the game is restarted but their kills and experience in your library is increasing.
If you are the player loses the battle against this opponent or computer is restart but the experience do not reset to tampering with levels, scores, goals until you defeated the enemy there will be new chapters. While you play in unforgiven mode the game will be over after you lose and return to main menu and load the episode where the game you save. Also it includes if the boss of the main game defeats you.

Steve Legends successfully escape to Nortis Legends far away and Nortis Legends was trapped and nowhere to run, Mante Legends is now making the catching play to the game, and Nortis Legends accept the battle for how to use the perfect mentalist.

Start GameEdit

Nortis Legends loads Reload and Sling Boomerang to the field, it looks like he feel good in order to incapable as hostile offensive unit. Mante Legends counters that move when the h-side will be Intercourse Mountain can do castle king-side also the opponent can also use castle king-side.

Middle GameEdit

Mante Legends was abashed by Nortis Legends substitute will be crucial or the field is certainly madness. Mante Legends' knights were on the second tile to reach the main fortress, but Nortis Legends rook was stuck so he promote his very own pieces and after the first promoted pieces, he use the substitute pieces is named Dressless to the respective field. The two knights of Mante Legends are killing each pieces to overthrown Nine Knight to the fortress.

End GameEdit

Nortis Legends possesses that rook, then both of them uses all substitution pieces as identical which means the games might be ensued. Mante Legends' rook reaches its fortress but it was killed by the manipulator because of the blunder. Mante Legend s saw the blunder when his substitute pieces kills Legend that is a bishop without kills this time, he didn't see a check pieces and the opponent cannot signalized him. So Mante Legends destroy Nortis Legends' king to finished the game.


After the game is ended Nortis Legends knelled down before me. He explains all the situation, the past, and the present about Pala Iot Legends. Nortis Legends is sensitively upset and need for help with Kuan Legends and Myosotis Legends to join Steve Legends party as temporary. And Steve Legends really accepts "For more ally, the merrier but for Jayvees Legends." but Nortis Legends rejected that name for more incarnation. Mante Legends is shock the Nortis Legends given its advice to change the name and he state for the example "If your name was Jayvees Legends, the other opponent or friend will know your real name easily, however if you change your name it will be mystery." So Mante Legends accepted to change the name and he called himself Mante Legends and this episode is ended, but Mante Legends is going to recruit 300 troops to Bandits of Pala Iot.


  1. Pieces
    1. Nine Knight level up from 2 to 3.
  2. Characters
    1. Steve Legends defeats Nortis Legends
    2. Jayvees Legends (name final) defeats Nortis Lasala

Pieces UsedEdit

Steve LegendsEdit

Nortis LegendsEdit

Mante LegendsEdit


  1. That Nortis Legends' pieces selection is a reverse selection for Pala Iot Legends.