First Impression is the set of the debutted twelve starter pieces on Bilaotipledio Arc in the game. It was from Steve Legends and Jayvees Legends (later Mante Legends after Episode 4) starts from the full episodes of Season 1. In the series about interview with Kuan and Jayvees that the pieces are total to 30 every pack. This pieces starts from September 11, 2012 until October 1, 2012. For the story mode September 11 until November 30, 2012. Followed by Range Adventurer Pieces for the Season 2. It is fully crafted to 150x150 on January 24, 2013.

Selected PiecesEdit

It is revealed the original thirty or first thirty pieces is really legend based from 0001 to 0030 in roster.

Pieces FormEdit

Pieces Character
Angel Robe Banner Beard Wave Bishop Hat Blasphemy Breath Waterfall
Condor Despair Dressless Electric Claw Genome Spiral Hattori
Horn Icy Maelstrom Illusion Intercourse Mountain Judge Legend
Mallet Playground Moonlighting Silencer Nine Knight Phantasm Tower Phoenix D Reload
Sling Boomerang Snake Insect Sword Tip Tree Thrust Shock Worm Castle

Black FormEdit

Pieces Character
Angel Robe2 Banner2 Beard Wave2 Bishop Hat2 Blasphemy2 Breath Waterfall2
Condor2 Despair2 Dressless2 Electric Claw2 Genome Spiral2 Hattori2
Horn2 Icy Maelstrom2 Illusion2 Intercourse Mountain2 Judge2 Legend2
Mallet Playground2 Moonlighting Silencer2 Nine Knight2 Phantasm Tower2 Phoenix D2 Reload2
Sling Boomerang2 Snake Insect2 Sword Tip2 Tree2 Thrust Shock2 Worm Castle2

List of MembersEdit

List of Members

(0001) Chess piece rook Mallet Playground

(0002) Chess piece knight Nine Knight

(0003) Chess piece bishop Legend

(0004) Chess piece bishop Dressless

(0005) Chess piece knight Snake Insect

(0006) Chess piece rook Intercourse Mountain

(0007) Chess piece rook Tree

(0008) Chess piece knight Blasphemy

(0009) Chess piece bishop Bishop Hat

(0010) Chess piece bishop Judge

(0011) Chess piece knight Hattori

(0012) Chess piece rook Worm Castle

(0013) Chess piece knight Angel Robe

(0014) Chess piece knight Banner

(0015) Chess piece bishop Horn

(0016) Chess piece bishop Illusion

(0017) Chess piece rook Reload

(0018) Chess piece rook Sling Boomerang

(0019) Chess piece rook Sword Tip

(0020) Chess piece knight Thrust Shock

(0021) Chess piece bishop Beard Wave

(0022) Chess piece rook Condor

(0023) Chess piece knight Despair

(0024) Chess piece bishop Electric Claw

(0025) Chess piece bishop Genome Spiral

(0026) Chess piece knight Icy Maelstrom

(0027) Chess piece rook Phantasm Tower

(0028) Chess piece knight Moonlighting Silencer

(0029) Chess piece rook Breath Waterfall

(0030) Chess piece bishop Phoenix D

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