Intercourse Mountain2
Intercourse Mountain
Intercourse Mountain
Intercourse Mountain on First Impression Pieces
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Gender Male
Power Quintuplets
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Legends Jayvees Legends
Arc Bilaotipledio Arc
Episode Episode 1
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Intercourse Mountain also known as sex atop of the mountain of men and women and they raise their children into quintuplets. Intercourse Mountain is very high defensive and his minions also moved only in vertical not horizontal it hits a king in dangerous degree. Intercourse Mountain is not being used on supportive pieces it is used on offensive pieces. Intercourse Mountain is stronger not it's name and race because he is advantage and useful. Intercourse Mountain summons five great pawns uses it as defense continuous until they reach to the fortress.


This one is very categoristic character that is called sex; To let him evolve its skill you must summon five pawns after you entered the forest. When someone targeted you and your king you must activate him and left direction, right direction, down direction, and up direction and also activate in any diagonals are not fraud. Pawn are radically ironic any skills from opponent can't work against him. Pawns are movable, Sexual Intercourse also movable however their pawn kills is counted to the user so you can scattered all of them to their base. The problem is if you activate while someone blocking it will be not work this is recommended to you that use diagonals in any direction to avast the entire location such as bishops.


In September 2012: Intercourse Mountain was ranked 12th place or last place because of very bad position, hard to defend and disputable. This pieces is very arrogant and he use for defensive somewhere until next month.

In October 2012: Intercourse Mountain was ranked 11th place in Kills and 12/14th place tied with Judge and Angel Robe which it will hand the rank E tier in this specific event however like the newcomers he is the last of the old pieces which he was never receiving many kills. In defensive strategy, he was really important that's why no one will cross there and make it to be in last place for the novice pieces.


Japan - (性交山 - Seikō yama)

China - (性交山 - Xìngjiāo shān)

Philippines - Pakikipagtalik sa bundukan

Spain - Las relaciones sexuales Montaña

France - Montagne des rapports


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