Judge on First Impression Pieces
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Gender Male
Power Power of the Gavel
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Legends Steve Legends
Arc Bilaotipledio Arc
Episode Episode 1
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Power of the Gavel
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Judge is the strong man that never surrenders to all battles. Judge looks like rook but it also used to create a castle like courtroom. Eventually castle is done and broken it will be castle again to create objection overruled to the other rooks. If other rooks are dead even all substitute captured rook is dead and found guilty it will abolish. Judge also welcomes as the immolation pieces which the power creating courtroom. Judge can use objection overruled when a lawyer or a prosecutor uses objection in presenting wrong evidences and profiles (or you show the evidence in anything). If the culprit witness is confess to the crime the judge will give its verdict to not guilty.


Judge looks very important pieces as much. So it is fair when the opponent glancing to your bishop to step away or deciding to attack it is very peculiar statement. Judge is no easy to control when Steve Legends wants plus the opponent cannot avoid it or else you move it in three pieces and the judge destroys enemy on three by three tiles and kill them both including his own ally. You should be careful of using that and don't let it break your plan because of it be assure to be critical. If you use Judge as a rook you can castle repeatly to prevent the checks from opponent.


In September 2012: Judge was ranked 3rd because this is very unique pieces, mighty one. Judge made its very good and the slayer of queens before reaching October 2012. Unlike the immolation pieces that he was ranked first place to be loyalty of Steve Legends however it was used honestly as castle kingside.

In October 2012 Judge was ranked 10th place in Kills and 12/14th place tied with Intercourse Mountain and Angel Robe in experience. Judge was one of the highest in rank S but it was down to rank D due to his lack of range, straight for the moves mostly in experience, Intercourse Mountain and Angel Robe are same experience due to lack of capture pieces they are really not good in the game. Judge is still good slaying opponent queen and does settle the score in each other something very peculiar to aiding the combo of manipulent side.


Japan - (裁判官 - Saibankan)

China - (法官 - Fǎguān)

Philippines - Hukom

Spain - juez

France - juge


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