Kuan Legends
Kuan Legends
Kuan Legends symbolizes the knight as his two favorite pieces.
Vital statistics
Founder Kuan Calastiasia
Year Founded September 12, 2010
Born December 29, 1999
Hair Color Blonde[1]
Eye Color Dark Yellow[2]
Date of Work 15 (unknown)
Occupation Pala Iot Legends (former)
Steve Party (former)
Myosotis Legends (current)
Gender Male
Race Horse Pack
Pieces Angel Robe
Friends and Relatives Mante Legends (old friend and rival)
Steve Legends (old friend)
Nortis Legends (old friend)
Myosotis Legends (friend)
Pala Iot Legends (enemy; deceased)
Family Kuan Legends' father (deceased)
Kuan Legends' mother (deceased)
Mail Kuan
Ditto Kuan
First Appearance Episode 2
Chapter 3
Last Appearance Episode 5
Location Bilaotipledio Arc

Kuan Legends was from the ancestors of Kuan Family who was born on May 1999 that was five years younger than Mante Legends. At the age of 10, he started to play chess since his birthday which he learned that his parents were killed by Bragas Legends. He join Pala Iot village to learn the real name of "Breadth Bragas" and his sages. He was the second legends opponent and third battle for Mante Legends in the forest and temporarily join Steve Party along with Myosotis Legends to defeat the Bandits of Pala Iot lead by Pala Iot Legends. After completing his revenge he left Steve Party with Myosotis Legends to start their own adventure but in real life he leave Jayvees on December 2013 prior to his apparent departure.

Bilaotipledio ArcEdit

Kuan Legends was lost to Jayvees Legends and joins to Steve Legends party. They are walking badlands and found the rider of the bigger wagon and tell her the report. But the report declared postpone that Mante Legends is now attacking Myosotis Legends at the time and won. So this cause a trouble to the alliance and Mante Legends is the only one who stop those two turning into chaos.

Kuan Legends finally understoods what Mante Legend said, the mentalist person is now launch a grudge to that person for capture to bandit camp. He tooks her as hostage to force to move the covered wagon and go to the base. If someone who like Pala Iot Legends sees and executes the kidnapped person, Mante Legends will madly destroy the covered wagon and he is in veil of dispair.

Kuan Legends finally reaches to the bandit camp for revenge but Mante Legends will end that all sorts. So Kuan Legends shockly watches the fight assorted to stay for long. If he must want to fight against the troops that proven he fully betrayed Pala Iot Legends. He decided to check all survivors and killed them all, so Mante Legends will finish the work quickly. After Pala Iot Legends defeat Kuan Legends thanked Mante Legends for the full of his heart after that he will leave with Myosotis Legends as the trader assistant and he will hope that they will meet again.


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