Mallet Playground2
Mallet Playground
Mallet Playground
Mallet Playground on First Impression Pieces
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Gender Male
Power Swinging Mallet
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Legends Jayvees Legends
Arc Bilaotipledio Arc
Episode Episode 1
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Skill Strategy
Swinging Mallet
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Mallet Playground is a location when the construction workers like Tisoy Bulaong the college student, widowed person and the son of Carlos Samonte and Ellen Balute-Sandoval. After the demise of Elize Samonte, Tisoy Legends create him pieces and he says while experimenting him these pieces is very dangerous offensive pieces it can rotates and breaks the four-square from rotating in 45 degrees or as called clockwise every move if this one is moving also called as locomotive movement. Mallet Playground also repeats every move however the activation never stops with or without moving. But Tisoy Legends leave him by guarding Elize's grave but it was stolen by Kitanosawa Legends and throw him as trash but it was adopted to Mante Legends by make him the ace starters.


Mallet Playground is dangerous kind of its swinging mallet for your sake. When the resistance of the opponent is futile and you seek some dangerous move in back of your sweating the floor you need in to the fortress. After Mallet Playground was in the fortress he release the swing that humiliates clockwise on three tiles with or without moving. You properly indirect to eliminate includes the king. So this pieces is quick kill to another opponents in the basis. That's why I believe there's destroying on my possession that will other bishops is cracked when moving some auspicious kind. Also you don't be fooled if this pieces is untouchable and unpredictable combos.


In September 2012: Mallet Playground was ranked 11th place or C Tier because of its decimate and never controlled what else inactivity would lowering his rankings. Mallet Playground and Dressless are bunch of lower rank from Mante Legends revolt. His skills actually very good in momentum, ranges and kills.

In October 2012: Mallet Playground was ranked 3rd place tied with Worm Castle in Kills and 2nd place in Experience. Due to place him very last place, Mallet Playground made its highest improvement when he kill too many opponent because of itself and he believe his own skills in the game. Naturally he can kill opponent king in clockwise rotation had 80% chance to win the game, Mallet Playground has many experience because he kill too many evolved officials that make him forward but not powerless combo. Each combo Mallet Playground has high rate of combos in the game in end game so the opponent were blunder to see Mallet Playground laterally evolve just to be careful of each turn he set it also activate the skill if don't move.


Japan - (木槌の遊び場 - Kidzuchi no asobiba)

China - (槌操場 - Chuí cāochǎng)

Philippines - Masong palaruan

Spain - mazo patio de recreo

France - Aire de jeux maillet


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