Name of Pieces are the database who names the seven different pieces but the different skills. You can use six pieces' include king to win the game for your strategy in the uprising phase. Using skills help your pieces to win easily even blundering the enemy in the process without dealing a checkmate. Therefore, naming them is important and make sure you add them in your mind.

Official PiecesEdit

Chess set

The official pieces left to right: (a) Rook (b) Horse (c) Bishop (d) Queen (e) King (f) Bishop (g) Horse (h) Rook

We have the six different pieces but the pawn is not offical pieces to be scored as one point there. We have eight pawns, two rooks, two horses, two bishops, one queen and king of the team.


Pawns are the lowest pieces is used to move in one square, to attack the opponents is to use curve move to kill the opponent. It was not played in Official Game Mode.


Rooks are the higher pieces is used to move in straight lines, like horizontal lines and vertical lines and also uses it to beat the opponent.


Horses or Knights are the medium pieces is used to create L-Knight moves in all directions. Also L-Knight is used to destroy the opponent.


Bishops are the higher pieces is used to move in diagonal line, it attacks the opponent by using it to beat the opponent.


Queen is the highest pieces is used to move in all positions except horse moves. Also attacks the opponent by making the all moves and he doesn't do the L-Knight move. This is the best protector and destroyer in the game.


King is the highest and weak moving pieces is used to move all directions in one tile and it was used to destroy the opponent. The weakness of the king is checkmate. If the king reaches the fortress in Pass Mode all of the pieces are evolve instead of reaching others in the fortress.