The pieces are characters is living and created to be better than normal pieces. It is important pieces to the black and white bases such as legends, NPC's, and players. Being the place of the bloody chess boards to attack and defend the power players. These are three pieces were the battle of the two starter legends in the bar, battle in training, battle in tournament and battle against the enemy of Jayvees Legends in the eight arcs.


The power of the sees seems to be rather lax. This might be the rules how to activate those pieces when they reach the fortress in 1 and 8 square. The skills are like piercing to sacrificed one pieces, crushing the pieces in L-knight tile, allowing pieces in the board to spy or betraying from your possession, making slashing left and right in three directions, allowing to summon pawns in five all and over (also summoning pawn for defenses all around him), also bombing 3x3 after moving diagonal on three, mastering all moves from all six different pieces, destroying opponents in each spinning 45 degrees while moving, moving too many when attacking him and missed to destroy all, devouring opponents (until reach 10th turn) are allowed to the different chess world.

Rook Edit




The paper pieces may return to the board after captured by the opponent. You can capture a substitute pieces to make its return as long as any positions near the leader.