Pierce Telepathy
Pierce Telepathy
Chessmaster's Topic
Vital statistics
User Bishop's Hat
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Definition Sacrifice one pieces near her in 1 tile away in all directions and piercing to the opponents go to its destination.
Against Opponents in the Diagonal of the colored tile position.
Weakness Pawns when they are in wide north.

Pierce Telepathy is good move to breaking the assistants from the diagonal lines. Pierce Telepathy is one of the good in immolation pieces that you've ever known. Pierce Telepathy will activate if you sacrifice the ally or enemy pieces one tiles away to pierced the line. Pierce Telepathy uses to destroy many several opponents to the choosen destination. Pierce Telepathy also not passing to the out because of its 8x8 tile so she can move 8 tiles and below.


  1. Pierce Telepathy can sacrifice queen in the decisive way. Because the opponent is eager to won in blunders.
  2. Pierce Telepathy is very useful of the immolation which that leads to victory.
  3. Pierce Telepathy will win against the evolved pieces by blocking the way.
  4. Pierce Telepathy creates the opponent's weaknesses.
  5. Pierce Telepathy has the weaknesses of Paralysis clan to make paralysis and cannot move forever.
  6. Pierce Telepathy easily breaks Phantasm Tower's swarm, getting rid of Moonlighting Silencer and sneaking on to evolved Legend while threatening.