Range Adventure is the very second pack on the newest arc in the games. It was from the person who debuted in season 2 ranging from the episode 13 to episode 24. In the series about interview with Kuan and Jayvees that the pieces are total to 30 that is the same than the first season. It was starting in October 11, 2012 until November 5, 2012 for the story mode is December 1, 2012 until present. It was following to First Impression Pieces and it was succeeded for Island Blue Pieces.

Selected PiecesEdit

It was revealed that all of thirty pieces were created in Akai Sankarea Pass before Supremo Legends knows about the land. It is based on 0031-0060 and it was the successor from the previous 30.

Pieces FormEdit

Pieces Character
Anchor Ghoul Chainmail Dead End Elf Visor Emitter Eyes Ether Far Freedom
Flux Haul Jelly Inmate Smirk Kinetic Warrior Kris Lie Coward
Lone Melancholic Obelisk Ordinary Song Replica Rhapsody
Root Wounds Self-Speecher Spectre Spore Stream Monstrosity Tesla
Trident Flower Turtle Island Wall Blast Walrus Scissor Wind Stun Zap

Black FormEdit

Pieces Character
Anchor Ghoul2 Chainmail2 Dead End2 Elf Visor2 Emitter Eyes Ether2 Far Freedom2
Flux2 Haul Jelly2 Inmate Smirk2 Kinetic Warrior2 Kris2 Lie Coward2
Lone2 Melancholic2 Obelisk2 Ordinary Song2 Replica2 Rhapsody2
Root Wounds2 Self-Speecher2 Specter2 Spore2 Stream Monstrosity2 Tesla2
Trident Flower2 Turtle Island2 Wall Blast2 Walrus Scissor2 Wind Stun2 Zap2

List of MembersEdit

List of Members

(0031) Chess piece rook Wall Blast

(0032) Chess piece knight Walrus Scissor

(0033) Chess piece bishop Zap

(0034) Chess piece bishop Tesla

(0035) Chess piece knight Elf Visor

(0036) Chess piece rook Emitter Eyes Ether

(0037) Chess piece knight Dead End

(0038) Chess piece rook Spore

(0039) Chess piece bishop Trident Flower

(0040) Chess piece bishop Anchor Ghoul

(0041) Chess piece rook Inmate Smirk

(0042) Chess piece knight Specter

(0043) Chess piece knight Melancholic

(0044) Chess piece bishop Rhapsody

(0045) Chess piece rook Root Wounds

(0046) Chess piece rook Chainmail

(0047) Chess piece knight Kinetic Warrior

(0048) Chess piece bishop Turtle Island

(0049) Chess piece rook Far Freedom

(0050) Chess piece knight Lone

(0051) Chess piece bishop Self-Speecher

(0052) Chess piece bishop Kris

(0053) Chess piece knight Wind Stun

(0054) Chess piece rook Obelisk

(0055) Chess piece rook Lie Coward

(0056) Chess piece knight Replica

(0057) Chess piece bishop Ordinary Song

(0058) Chess piece bishop Flux

(0059) Chess piece knight Haul Jelly

(0060) Chess piece rook Stream Monstrosity

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