Reload on First Impression Pieces
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Gender Male
Power Undo Move
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Legends Nortis Legends
Arc Bilaotipledio Arc
Episode Episode 4
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Reload was the manager and the one who fired the employees of gun company. It is involved with the magical mentalism created by Nortis Legends. He change or alive a serenade pieces across to it not much knowledge but giving us domination. Reload cannot make justice of him because he can avert the fate of the opponent with us.


Reload is not much dangerous pieces in the game. He is the one who preventing all damages. If Reload reach the fortress without undoing the move you can use that if the opponent guess wrong. It will activate during opponent's move of course the wrong move. Reload can undoing himself against the normal pieces when undo to the last move. Committing mistake is easy for the enemy and return if it giving you an advice from losers.


In October 2012: He was ranked 16th place in Kills and Experience. Due to his first debut in Episode 4 it made its worst performance in the game, because it was already taken by the two legends to defeat one legends consecutively. And also for the Kills he was E Tier with Horn and for Experience he was in F Tier with Illusion that is coincidence in rank tier.


Japan - (リロード - Rirōdo)

China - (重新加載 - Chóngxīn jiāzài)

Philippines - magkargang muli

Spain - recaragar

France - recharger


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