There are some reasons why Kitanosawa Legends and the first person is the masterminds to betrayed and destroy Pala Iot Legends for real, those two masterminds has motif of the crime. This revealed that is the result of his suicidal, plus he wrote a suicide note.

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Kitanosawa Legends witnesses the blackmailing in the prison to let him free from crime and let him find his rival who was woken in comatose. So the man were going to called him and begun part of the sacred person in replacement of one person who are going to retired is fourth person.

  1. The first person were going to blackmailing him while he free in his own prison for seven years.
  2. He must let him shouting all over the school and hear all students in the one kilometer range it includes purok 6 village in exchange his freedom.
  3. The guy promises to be famous and rewarded his freedom after Pala Iot Legends dies.


Some person who investigating him when he was biological champion in Scrabble in year 2010. This is shown that Pala Iot Legends and some students that both players in scrabble game are chatting their full stories however the guy sure is jealous so he whispers the leader of betrayal. The person who firstly suspected him is the first person.

  1. They're investigating using all analysis
  2. The first person can sense all people in vicinity because he was expert of scent.
  3. The handwriting which determine that Pala Iot Legends would suspect him and was right-handed.
  4. They're stealing Pala Iot Legends medical issue.
  5. They are exception of voices because he is not hearing person's mind and mouth.


They are the three people who shout his name and this is the crucial fate of MonCast. The three of them couldn't coerced Pala Iot Legends. This announcement has ten commandments to destroy Pala Iot Legends.

  1. He tell the person about his parent's past.
  2. He tell the person about his studying experience.
  3. He tell the person about his affiliation.
  4. He tell the person about his involvement with that person.
  5. He tell the person about his parent's death.
  6. He tell the person about his studying on college
  7. He tell the person about his becoming champion on Scrabble in year 2010
  8. He tell the person about his doing whole year on 2011
  9. He tell the person about his real name
  10. He tell the person about his bestfriend would betrayed him.


The person shouts to the whole world. So the people all the school campus is laughing out loud and shock about this statement.

Palaiyot! (lololol)

Steve Legends, Around year 2011