Tree on First Impression Pieces
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Gender Female
Power Sprout
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Legends Steve Legends
Arc Bilaotipledio Arc
Episode Episode 1
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Tree is the nature body of forest because tree was actually a female rook-type defensive character. Tree summons small of tree literally uses as pawn as shield but pawn also blocks enemy power it made be a large wall. The weakness of Tree is when it was captured the sprouted tree is destroyed. Tree grows pawn to the rook, horse, bishop and queen to tighten the colony. Tree's ability is a sprout cornering the move of itself or foe but they cannot kill yet and it conducts as a defensive pieces.


Tree is very exaggerated one of all ages, when the enemy pieces is very cautious of its movement, You must use Tree as defense then you make a shield in front of them however the king would push away on that barriers it would be a bad luck. Tree can stops enemy when someone who checked the king then capture it. Steve did use that strategy when the Tree's diagonal was cornered in queen from left and king from right but the skill still active while the two pieces was push left and was right. The left one checks the king so the pawn can kill the enemy king as a trap. So you cannot use Tree to the very powerful skill opponent because it would storming your idea on it. Tree can kill opponents to trample his opponent pieces out to the field to prevent them surviving in cornered position. Tree also change place and packing up his tree clone for the change that makes you lure how to destroy and still adding destroyed clones as clone themself.


In September 2012: Tree was ranked 2nd place of September Tier List because of its very good defensive pieces of the chess games in my desire, his ability is capable of killing opponent outside when someone check your king but the opponent king was knocked because of that he precisely to kill the opponent's king to end the game on Episode 1.

In October 2012: Tree was ranked 7th place with Kills and Experience and list as C Tier. Tree losing his five steps to the rival when he was down to seven. Some pieces who got rising in the last three episode that making his decent appearance. His skill looks irritating and annoying at once presumably Tree is still reaching Level 3 in the process.


Japan - (木 - Ki)

China - (樹 - Shù)

Philippines - puno

Spain - (árbol)

France - arbre


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