Unlimited Speed
Unlimited Speed
Chessmaster's Topic
Vital statistics
User Nine Knight
Debut First Game
Definition Capture continuously; Dodge blunder
Against Opponents with physical attack; any pieces including king
Weakness Opponents with skill attack

Unlimited Speed is the fastest power ever in Chess Legends. It was the signature move of Nine Knight use it for offensive position.


Unlimited Speed is deserving to be cautious while mishap advantages on the field. Unlimited Speed is difficult to be capture as he prepare his move to kill the opponent king. Unlimited Speed can change at the end the game in one move after reaching that pieces to the fortress. Unlimited Speed was never killed by all normal pieces except all evolved pieces including LegendsMoves of Legendary Empire.



  1. Unlimited Speed moing turn speed is the maximum of 32 per one move.
  2. Unlimited Speed can prevent all physical moves during your turn and opponents turn.
  3. Unlimited Speed will avert  Moves of the Legendary Empire as comparing if who is the stronger or faster.